Male Enhancements ities and rejoicing, and with the concourse of many people. I have thus given an account of what took place in the five Male Enhancements stations in that island of Leite. Before Male Enhancements we pass on to the rest, it will be fitting to explain, as far as we can, their usages in marriage and divorce as well to make more intelligible what we have already related as to have a better understanding of a.topic which in Male Enhancements the course of our remaining narrative must frequently arise. Of marriages, dowries, and divorces among the Filipinos. Chapter XXX. I had lived in the Filipinas for almost ten years before I learned that there was any man who had married several wives and I did not know it until I went to the islands of Ibabao and Leite, for in Manila, Mindoro, Marinduque, and Panai, Male Enhancements I had not Male Enhancements observed the practice of such a custom. I had, however, been once told by a Spaniard that in a certain part of Mindanao, toward Dapitan, it was the custom for the Bissayan women the inhabitants of Mindanao also are Male Enhancements Bissayans to marry two husbands the practice of having several Male Enhancements wives I had understood to belong only to the Mahometans who dwell in Mindanao and Burnei. It is certainly, however, not a general custo

m in the Filipinas to. marry more than one wife and even in the districts where this is done the practice is by no means general. The most common and general usage male enhancement reviews youtube is to marry one woman. The Bissayans always try to procure a wife from their own class, and closely connected with them in relationship. The Tagalos do not insist so much on this latter point they are satisfied if the wife be not of inferior rank. As I have already stated, in neither race is any other impediment considered than the first degree of kindred. Uncle and niece marry as readily as do first cousins but brother and sister, grandfather and granddaughter, or father and daughter, can in no case marry. There is a marked distinction between concubinage and wedlock because Male Enhancements the latter, besides consent, has its euphoric natural male enhancement own ceremonies, i take red pill male enhancement free samples as we shall Male Enhancements later see. For marriage, moreover, they. have Male Enhancements distinct formalities Male Enhancements of betrothal, which are accompanied by conventional penalties, most rigorously executed. Here is an example Si Apai promises to Male Enhancements best penis enlargements marry Cai Polosin these married persons make an agreement with another married pair, male enhancement pills pictures while the wives are Male Enhancements with child, that if the wombs Male Enhancements of their respective wives should bear

Male Enhancements

a male and a female those Male Enhancements two children shall be joined in marriage, under a penalty of ten gold taes. This compact is solemnized by a feast, where they eat, drink, and become intoxicated and he who later is the occasion of breaking the compact must pay the penalty. This is betrothal. In the marriage there figures a dowry, and the surrender of the woman, with consent for the Male Enhancements present, but not perpetual. It is not the wife, but the husband, who gives her the dowry an amount agreed upon, and fixed in.accordance with his means. This is what some authors 88 relate of various nations, which were accustomed to Male Enhancements purchase women as their wives. In addition to the dowry the husband is wont to make some presents to the parents and relatives more or less, according to his means. While I was in Tigbauan the chief of the Male Enhancements island of Cuyo came to marry his son to the daughter of Tarabucon, chief of Oton, which Male Enhancements is close Male Enhancements by the town of Arebalo and a mission village under the fathers of St. Augustine They were married by a minister of high standing in that order, named Father Pedro de Lara, 89 who was then vicar of that convent. From him and from another religious of the same house I

learned that besides the dowry which was very large , and a generous offering sent to the convent, the husband bestowed, in his grandeur and Male Enhancements munificenc. e, presents upon the parents of the bride, her brothers Male Enhancements and relations, and even upon the numerous slaves. The marriage Male Enhancements lasted no longer than did peace between them for they are wild man male enhancement divorced on the slightest occasion. If the cause of the divorce is unjust, and the man parts from Male Enhancements his wife, he loses the dowry if it is she who leaves him, she must restore the dowry to penomet price him. But if the man has just cause for divorce, and leaves her, his dowry Male Enhancements up 2 male enhancement blue pill Male Enhancements must be restored to him if in such case the wife leaves him, she retains the dowry. For the husband, the adultery of his wife is sufficient ground for divorce for the woman, just cause for divorce is more limited. In case of Male Enhancements divorce, the children are divided equally between the zenephlux male enhancement two, without distinction of sex thus, if they are two in number, one falls to the father and one to the mother an. d in a state blue diamond male enhancement 100 natural of slavery the same thing occurs when husband and wife belong to different masters. If two persons own one slave, the same division is made for half belongs to each, and his services