4 things you want to know about Montasio cheese.

Montasio Pdo is a cooked curd, semi-hard mature cheese, with regular small eyes overall, this is well known, and nonetheless, some peculiarities of this Italian food excellence remain mostly untold.

First, the Montasio cheese is named after the plateau of the same name located in the Friulian Mountains. Therefore, it is widely believed that the production area includes the Friuli Venezia Giulia region only. On the contrary, it stretches to the provinces of Treviso and Belluno and, in part, in those of Venice and Padua.

Moreover, it is often thought that all the products deriving from milk contain lactose, but this is inaccurate. In fact, in the production of some aged cheese, batteria are added to milk, which eliminate lactose and transform it into lactic acid. This happens even for cheese aged for at least two months. This is naturally lactose-free; therefore, it suits to those who are intolerant to this milk sugar. In detail, laboratory tests show that Montasio contains values of lactose lower to 0.01 g for 100 g of cheese: more than 10 time less of the limit values set out by national and European legislation.

Few knows that Montasio cheese, like milk and yogurt, contains tryptophan, an amino acid precursor of serotonin. This neurotransmitter, together with melatonin carries out a relaxing action contributing to regulate the natural sleep pattern. Even calcium contained in Montasio helps to sooth the nervous system and reduce stress.

Finally yet importantly, it is important to dispel the myth that cheese makes people fat. As a matter of fact, according to a study of the University College of Dublin, based on a sample of 1500 people aged between 18 and 90 years, consumers of cheese and dairy products have a lower body max index and cholesterol levels with respect to those who don’t assume cheese or prefer low-fat dairy products. For the peace of mind of Montasio lovers: following proper eating habits as for caloric intake as indicated in the nutrition facts table you can find at this link: http://www.montasio.com/nutrition education/.

5 unique places to eat Montasio cheese: the ranking.

Precious moments stolen from the everyday routine to have a break and relax mind and soul enjoying a small piece of Montasio Pdo. An excellence of Italy worth tasting in a unique scenery. Here follows the ranking of the weirdest “Montasio Moments”, to try at least once in life.


  • In a tree house. In the pristine woods around Ugovizza, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, appears a small tree house. Nothing exotic, but this house is pin-cone shaped and placed at an altitude of 10 m., at the same level of pine tree tops. An overnight in a magical place is to be celebrated with a Prosecco-based aperitif and cubes of Fresh Montasio.


  • Before practising bungee. It was born on the Pentecost Island (Pacific) as rite of passage for young men. The jump that originally took place from wooden towers, with men equipped with lianas at the ankles, and became a sport in 1993 only. From that date on, younger and older people challenge their fear of emptiness jumping from well-equipped installations with fit-for-purpose elastic supports. What would you eat best before jumping from an altitude of more than 100 meters? A chunk of Ripened Montasio, so rich in healthy nutrients like calcium and vitamins (further information at the following page: http://www.montasio.com/nutrition education/).


  • On a hot air balloon. “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return”. Said Leonardo Da Vinci. This is what they usually say when they try a hot air balloon flight, too. Since the balloon bends with the wind, it could happen to jolt during the trip. It is better to bring a snack you can keep in one hand so to have one free to hold at the handle of the balloon’s basket. A tasty tramezzino sandwich with cooked ham and Semi-aged Montasio.


  • After swimming with dolphins. In a marine park in Malta, accompanied by a professional dolphin trainer you can live the experience of diving in a pool together with these extraordinary sensible and intelligent mammals. Once out, and before meeting sea lions you have time enough to taste a hamburger with radicchio and Montasio, which is easy to digest and recharge energies without weighing down.


  • During a “bonfire night”. Why not to profit of a clear-sky night to try the typical American custom of gathering around a bonfire with friends? Instead of roasting marshmallows as cousins overseas do, you could dip toasted bread in a delicious Montasio fondue.



GOOD – A 4-day journey to discover and taste excellences



explained the curious pairing between a famous product, MONTASIO cheese, and fruits of a very little known plant, ARONIA (chokeberry), so rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and flavonoids.

At 6:30 pm, the about 70 participants enjoyed a tasting of Montasio cheese POD paired with:

  • Malvasia by AZIENDA AGRICOLA LIVON of Dolegnano (UD) Italy –  http://www.livon.it/it/chi-siamo/
  • CHOKEBERRY products . The one and only Italian producer is Società agricola 4 Principia Rerum srl  of  Lucinico (GO)

Black chockeberry is a pure gift of Nature thanks to the highest concentration of antioxidants among all fruits, a true elixir of eternal youth with its infinite health benefits –   https://aronia-naturalis.it/prodotti/  





Try.. Savor.. Taste.. Sample…. all the flavours of the WEEKEND by Montasio POD

The 27 October, experts of the Consortium for the Protection of the Montasio cheese carried out important tasks…

Many tasting opportunities accompanied by our qualified experts. Verona, Milan and Ancona: these are the cities where they were committed in transmitting the values of our Montasio to the wide audience of people interested in refining their knowledge about the product.

ANCONA, at the Filotea Store  https://www.filoteapasta.com/ for a tasting event organized by our specialist NEVIO TONEATTO in collaboration with Condotta Slow Food of Ancona and with Montasio POD, wines from the Colli Orientali and Presidium of the Monti Sibillini Apple.

ANCONA 27 October 2018

The sampling included two phases: first, a fresh and semi-aged Montasio POD paired with thin slices of apple and Ribolla Gialla DOP of the winery SCARBOLO http://www.scarbolosergio.com/; then a ripened and extra-mature Montasio POD in combination with an apple jam from Monti Sibillini and Verduzzo Friulano DOP of the winery SCARBOLO as well. A sea of people, an interested public of about 50 (Slow Food members, gourmet experts, sommeliers, restaurant owners, etc.). Here follows the link for all those who asked us information about the production area of Montasio POD: http://www.montasio.com/partners/




Over 750 companies from 24 countries with the most prestigious international brands.

Our specialist, MAURO GAVA, was there to convey passion and values of our product to more that 50 enthusiastic people who enjoyed the guided tasting and sensorial analysis of our Montasio POD paired with PROSECCO DOC.


MILAN among tastings and showcooking, at Golosaria, the most interesting festival of Italian taste that took place in Milan, during the weekend. –  The healthy good.



Saturday 27 October, a guided degustation of our ONAF (National Organization of Cheese Tasters) specialist MAURO GAVA in combination with Montasio DOP and wines from Collio of the wine company  GRADIS’CIUTTA https://www.gradisciutta.eu/azienda/ within the area FormaggItalia events. 


Sunday 28 October, in the Wine tasting area of Golosaria, journalists and the famous food and wine critics Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti anchored the event: “Wine and cheese: a memorable union” curated by Tenuta Stella together with the Consortium for the protection of Montasio.

Show cooking GOLOSARIA

Monday 29 October in the show cooking area of Golosaria the chef Gunnar Cautero from Osteria della Stazione di Milano http://www.osteriadellastazione.it/  let visitors taste “The Good of Cheeses” in a live performance of gourmet gastronomy .




Enos Costantini

Tempus formadi

Brave farmers, organic cows and and an old dairy

Mala tempora currunt for cattle farming, and not only in this field (however, we do not talk about politics here). In other words, these days, courage is needed to become a farmer. Mainly to manage a cowshed with a large number of livestock (100 in production and 60 intended to restock), because the smallest mistake can cost a high price, from a psychological and financial point of view. One needs even more courage to produce milk in an organic way. 30 tons of consumable liquidwhite per day (Blanc de Blancs French would say, by copying Friulians, like they always do), which shall be sold to make ends meet with dignity and maintain the family avoiding, when possible, all the traps the so called “market” puts on the–uneven already-pathway (La Piovra-The Octopus, a famous Italian TV series-is not only fiction).

Moreover, one needs ever greater courage to process on his/her own a substantial quantity of milk produced.

Nobody knows why the Zanello brothers (and family) from Talmasson decided to walk along this dangerous path. However, I am delighted, because this decision strives towards the so called food self-sufficiency (or even food sovereignty) in the tight relationship between producer and consumer, and many other new ideas circulating these days about food, environment, health, sustainability, etc. Ideas are around, but we need someone that puts them into practice: this is not easy, and more than courage one needs boldness to proceed this way.

The Zanellos have learnt from experience: they took over the old dairy of Turrida and produce-following traditions-Latteria (fresh) cheese and Montasio, but butter and ricotta as well. Every day, they process about half of their milk (15 tons), while the other half is placed on the market of fresh organic milk.

The end of the farming culture turned previously lively towns in drowsy villages and, actually, a dairy can give them a new impetus, even from an economic point of view.

A family run business: brothers Franco and Graziano with his wife Paola. They are all agricultural specialists who graduated in Cividale. The couple has 4 children, this is a sign of hope for the future. Moreover, there are the active “elderly” of the family resulting in four adults occupied full time. The cheese maker and assistant do not belong to the family, nonetheless, with them there are 6 workplaces in the business, which is very good, given the times we live in, like a small company.

Essential: what do cows eat? Exclusively company-produced food. All organic: for the peace of mind of the sellers of chemical products and feed materials that have not been supplying their goods to the Zanellos for many years.

No more corn-out of any antipathy (ah! the smell of polenta!)-, but because of the infamous mycotoxins. Gone corn, comes sorghum, which has been grown in Friuli for a long time (there are grain sorghum and fodder sorghum). Soy as well (it originates from Asia, but these beans play a fundamental role in providing proteins), produced in Talmassons.

However, staple feed of ruminant cows remains fodder and here hay abounds (half alfalfa and half long-duration pasture). This way they ensure cows all-important nutritional factors, even unknown ones, that food scientists with their test tubes may discover in the near future, or maybe not. In the meanwhile, cows feel good and say hello to everybody.

Latteria: raw milk, unpasteurized and non-heat-treated, (not even lysozyme, a harmless protein derived from eggs, they say). We are still light years away from postmodern cheeses with a non-edible rind, whose surfaces may be treated with E235.

There is a cheese shop next to the dairy (via Montello, 7 Turrida of Sedegliano). Here you can find frico, mozzarella and stracchino (ah, modernity, new tastes…) produced by third parties, but with the company’s milk.

Market of dairy products: rural tourist facilities, trattorias and regional restaurants, private citizens. Immediate delivery upon on line order or-old style-phone call.

Names are important: the business is called La Sisile, ‘swallow’, another hint of a green vision and message of hope for the future of environment and society on its whole.




Dairy: via Montello, 7

33039 Turrida of Sedegliano

Tel.: 333 475 6053

E-mail: grazianozanello@alice.it

Farm “La Sisile

via Sant’Antonio, 36
33030 Talmassons
Mobile: 335 5250330
Tel and fax: 0432 766618

Made in Malga 2018 Montasio POD Events

Made in Malga 2018 Montasio POD Events

Fifty Alpine cottages and four-star chefs from Friuli Venezia Giulia: a cross-border project involving Alpine cottages of Friuli and Carinthia aimed at the promotion of local products.

This is the theme of the training in which took part-among others-chefs like Antonia Klugmann, Fabrizia Meroi, Ana Roš, Emanuele Scarello and Alessio Devidè.

  • Malga Montasio in Sella Nevea (Ud), together with the Chef Emanuele Scarello – 2 September. The chef proposed a gastronomic itinerary through two dishes able to add value to products deriving from Alpine cottages.

The project Made-MADE is the name and acronym for Malga (Alpine cottage) and Alm Desired Experience-will gain a huge reputation. First of all, it is a serious project, well-developed and financed through the Interreg cross-border cooperation program involving Italy and Austria thanks to the collaboration of important institutions, such as Consorzio di Promozione Turistica del Tarvisiano, the municipality of Hermagor-Pressegger See and Ersa, the agency for rural development. About fifty Alpine cottages of the two countries are involved in the realization of the project, which are selected whilst having as primary objective the supply of integrated and sustainable tourist services with an eye keen on natural environment and biodiversity as key elements strictly connected to a natural, cultural and environmental heritage. The thread, essential to connect this network effectively, goes through activities such as trekking, cycling tourism and wellness, but promotion of quality dairy production and an original wine and food offer, too. https://reportergourmet.com/106814/made-malga-and-alm-desired-experience-come-le-malghe-incontrano-lalta-cucina.html

The autumn recipe with Montasio of Kitchen Trouble, food blogger

Eleonora Rubaltelli, alias Kitchen Trouble, combined the most typical autumn savors, like mushrooms and pumpkins for a dish that revolves around delicacy of Montasio Pdo cheese.

This is a first course recalling mountain aromas and providing important nutrients such as proteins of cheese and the potassium of pumpkin.

Let us discover together Eleonora’s recipe.


Pumpkin Gnocchi (Dumplings) on Montasio Cheese Fondue with Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts


500 g Pumpkin

100 g Wheat

1 Egg



235 ml Milk

50 g Butter

20 g Wheat

300 g Montasio

Salt and Pepper

1 Clove of garlic

2 Sprigs of rosemary

150 g of Pioppini mushrooms

100 g Cashew nuts


Cut the pumpkin into pieces removing skin, filaments and seeds and bake at 180° for 20 minutes. When the pumpkin is ready sieve the flesh, or mesh it with a potato masher, then mix with the sieved flour, egg and salt. Knead the mixture to obtain a semi-solid and easy-to-work compound. Let the mix rest at room temperature covered with a clean cloth for at least 10 minutes. Create thin strips and cut small bite-sized cubes of about 1.5-2 cm. Now pass dumplings-one to one-on the prongs of a fork or use the special gnocchi board for pressing the classic marks into the dumplings. Then lay them on a floured cloth. Now pumpkin dumplings are ready to be cooked in abundant boiling salted water.

Montasio fondue:

First, heat the milk in a small pot; melt the butter in another pot. When butter is melted add the flour and mix until the two compounds are well melted creating the roux. Add the hot milk and whisk energetically, then add the cheese cubes and stir until obtaining a velvety and smooth cream.

Heat the oil with the clove of garlic and sprigs of rosemary in a pan. When oil is at temperature, add the-previously cleaned and cut-mushrooms. Cook for about 5 minutes.

Use another small pan to brown the cashew nuts. Then place them on a chopping board and mince them roughly with a knife.

Now arrange the dish: drain the pumpkin dumplings, put them in the pan with the mushrooms, and saute them for 1 minute, then turn off the stove.

Ladle one spoon of fondue on a flat plate, and then add the dumplings and some mushrooms. Complete the dish with crumbled cashew nuts and a little oil. Serve and eat hot.

40 grams of Montasio per day: prescription for healthy heart.

Usual consumers of cheese have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases up to 18%, heart attacks up to 14% and stroke up to 10%. These are the findings of a study-research of the University of Soochow, in China, based on the monitoring of about 200 thousand people over a period of 10 years.


Many studies prove wrong the old theory according to which fat contained in cheese are harmful for heart’s health. On the contrary, many researches show that a regular consumption of this food reduces the risk of stroke.


In particular, cheeses derived from whole milk, like Montasio Pdo, have a positive effect on the good HDL cholesterol, unlike light dairy products. In fact, fats carry out the positive action acting in synergy with other nutrients like proteins, calcium and vitamin A.


Moreover, ripened cheeses, like extra-mature Montasio Pdo (aged for more than 10 months), contain tripeptides; protein fragments that can reduce blood pressure. A great advantage for people suffering from hypertension.


However, when and how much cheese a person should eat? As second course, the ideal would be two or three times per week, better in combination with fresh vegetables, a very good source of fiber. As for mature cheese, one would eat 50 grams maximum, 100 grams per meal of fresh cheese. A serving of 40 grams of cheese is perfect as snack in the morning or afternoon, every day, too.


Nutritionists always recommend to follow a balanced diet, prefer whole carbohydrate food instead of refined ones, and assume an adequate quantity of proteins without forgetting seasonal fruits and vegetables at every meal.


Discover the balanced composition of Montasio cheese on our website: http://www.montasio.com/nutrition-education/

“Pairings with Montasio Pdo: suggestions of the chef Cesare Gasparri”

Cesare Gasparri (https://scuola.lacucinaitaliana.it/i-nostri-chef/cesare-gasparri) comes from Pesaro and after several experiences in the field of catering services, among others those in collaboration with prominent figures such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Luciano Tona, he moved to Milan to work for “La Cucina italiana” (The Italian Kitchen), where culinary tradition meets innovation and creativity. Today, the chef proposes many delicious ideas with Montasio and gourmet combinations worth a try. Let us find out together.


Montasio Pdo cheese expresses its peculiar features at best when combined with fruits, exotic ones as well. The important is to regulate and measure the two ingredients. As for preparations, the mango chutney pairs well with a ripened Montasio with its intense flavor and perfume. Even coconut tastes good in combination with a mature Montasio paying particular attention to balancing the overall sweetness of the course. For example, a crepe with fresh coconut, bitter cocoa and grated fresh Montasio. Another refined pairing is the following: fried cubes of fresh Montasio with a red fruit sauce, whose sourness helps to “clean” mouth between one mouthful and the next, for a pleasant tasting experience. Dried fruit, together with spices, for preparing choreographic lollipops (wafers) of Montasio for the delight of the most demanding dinner companions.


For a Montasio-based healthy and tasty second course, you can pair it with vegetables, adding vitamins and minerals to proteins and calcium of the cheese (for more details: http://www.montasio.com/nutrition-education/). For example, a salad of mixed turnips, prepared with raw celeriac, boiled beetroot and raw or roasted white turnips in combination with a Montasio sauce, or an oven-backed savoy cabbage with Montasio. In the choice of fruits of the garden, it is better considering seasonality, this way you will get the best from each product in terms of nutrients. In autumn, you can prepare delicious pumpkin tortelli filled with Montasio as first course, or a second course of fried cubes of Montasio and pumpkin. Even mushrooms pair very well with cheese. A lasagna with mushrooms and a Montasio fondue (with an extra-light béchamel for a fluffy lasagna) or a grill roasted porcino mushroom’s top sprinkled with grated Montasio and then cooked au gratin: simply mouthwatering.


Another mix you cannot miss is Montasio and fish. Mullet in particular, this is a ground fish with an intense flavor: very tasty combined with thin strips of Montasio mezzano and cooked in oven or steamed. Another proposal: roasted salmon paired with a Montasio sauce, a delicate and savory dish.


You just need a pinch of originality to prepare good, beautiful and healthy dishes with Montasio. Shortly the chef, Cesare Gasparri, will lead us to the discovery of delicious gourmet recipes. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date: https://business.facebook.com/MontasioCheese/.

Fit over 50s, foods for a beautiful and healthy body.

Metabolism changes over the years and body needs a particular attention on food intake. The need of nutrients such as calcium and vitamins increases, while the daily energy requirements decrease.


People over 50s need to think carefully about what they eat. The golden rule refers to a varied and balanced diet. You should eat a portion of fruits or vegetable per meal-according to season-a precious source of natural antioxidants. Consumption of red meat, especially sausages and cured meat, should be limited for the benefit of fish and legumes. These, in particular, contain phytoestrogens, helpful for menopausal women.


After the 50s, the muscle mass reduces of about 1-2% per year, therefore, it is important to ensure the body with an adequate amount of proteins. For this reason, you would rather introduce in your diet some products with a high nutritional value, as for example Montasio Pdo cheese, which entails up to 24-26% of proteins. One portion of 50 gr of Montasio aged for 2 months supplies about 12 gr of proteins, along with 370 mg of Calcium, 265 mg of Phosphorus and 209 mg of Vitamin A. These substances contribute in maintaining bones strong and healthy. To find out more about the nutrition facts table of the Montasio Cheese please consult the page: http://www.montasio.com/nutrition-education/.


However, the important is not only what you eat, but how and when, too. A correct chewing helps digestion and reduces appetite between one meal and the next one. Moreover, the caloric intake should be spread over the day. For example, assuming carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch allows the body to metabolize them into energy within the first part of the day. While a light, protein-based dinner accompanied with vegetables has significant benefits on digestion before sleeping.


Last, to be fit in your 50s you need to exercise, at least 5 days per week. From long walks in the countryside to yoga: the physical activity is fundamental to maintain a flexible and firm muscle structure, but event to prevent cardio-vascular problems. A regular physical exercise and healthy diet are the magic recipe for feeling good, no matter what is your age.