The autumn recipe with Montasio of Kitchen Trouble, food blogger

Eleonora Rubaltelli, alias Kitchen Trouble, combined the most typical autumn savors, like mushrooms and pumpkins for a dish that revolves around delicacy of Montasio Pdo cheese.

This is a first course recalling mountain aromas and providing important nutrients such as proteins of cheese and the potassium of pumpkin.

Let us discover together Eleonora’s recipe.


Pumpkin Gnocchi (Dumplings) on Montasio Cheese Fondue with Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts


500 g Pumpkin

100 g Wheat

1 Egg



235 ml Milk

50 g Butter

20 g Wheat

300 g Montasio

Salt and Pepper

1 Clove of garlic

2 Sprigs of rosemary

150 g of Pioppini mushrooms

100 g Cashew nuts


Cut the pumpkin into pieces removing skin, filaments and seeds and bake at 180° for 20 minutes. When the pumpkin is ready sieve the flesh, or mesh it with a potato masher, then mix with the sieved flour, egg and salt. Knead the mixture to obtain a semi-solid and easy-to-work compound. Let the mix rest at room temperature covered with a clean cloth for at least 10 minutes. Create thin strips and cut small bite-sized cubes of about 1.5-2 cm. Now pass dumplings-one to one-on the prongs of a fork or use the special gnocchi board for pressing the classic marks into the dumplings. Then lay them on a floured cloth. Now pumpkin dumplings are ready to be cooked in abundant boiling salted water.

Montasio fondue:

First, heat the milk in a small pot; melt the butter in another pot. When butter is melted add the flour and mix until the two compounds are well melted creating the roux. Add the hot milk and whisk energetically, then add the cheese cubes and stir until obtaining a velvety and smooth cream.

Heat the oil with the clove of garlic and sprigs of rosemary in a pan. When oil is at temperature, add the-previously cleaned and cut-mushrooms. Cook for about 5 minutes.

Use another small pan to brown the cashew nuts. Then place them on a chopping board and mince them roughly with a knife.

Now arrange the dish: drain the pumpkin dumplings, put them in the pan with the mushrooms, and saute them for 1 minute, then turn off the stove.

Ladle one spoon of fondue on a flat plate, and then add the dumplings and some mushrooms. Complete the dish with crumbled cashew nuts and a little oil. Serve and eat hot.