a precious balanced food to enjoy at all times.

In perfect wheels-nor too big, nor too small-Montasio is ideal both on family tables and in restaurants. This high-nutritional-value cheese is characterized by a balanced composition: 32-36% water, 32-34% fats, 24-26% proteins.

Moreover, it is good, rather excellent for people of all ages, thanks to its high digestibility.

In particular, Montasio cheese is recommended in the diet of girls and boys. In fact, with its energy supply and nutrients (proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins) it supports a healthy and balanced growth.

Average values
for 100 grams
2 months aging6 / 7 months aging10-12 months aging
Water g363432
Protein g242628
Fat g323333
Saturated fat g242425
Carbohydrate/Lactose g>0>0>0
K cal384400418
K J159216351697
Ca mg740790850
P mg530508620
Ca/P ratio1.41.41.4
NaCl g1.61.71.9
Vit. A ug418410407
Vit. B – carotene ug1099890
Vit. E ug455680928

Vitamins are expressed in terms of micrograms/100 gr of Montasio cheese
Mineral salts are expressed in terms of micrograms/100 gr of Montasio cheese


Montasio cheese is the ideal choice, throughout the day:

As breakfast or snack

Taste and energy with a serving of 50 g of Montasio, in combination with whole wheat bread and salad leaves.

At lunch or dinner

To be savored 2/3 times a week, preferably paired with polenta, cooked or raw vegetables…and fruits, too! Avoid combination with cold cuts!



Even lactose-intolerant individuals may enjoy a moment of taste.

Actually, it is worth highlighting that not all milk-by products entail lactose, as the study “Composition of Italian PDO Cheeses” shows. In fact, during the production process, some aged cheeses are provided with specific bacteria that eliminate lactose transforming it into lactic acid.

Montasio aged for at least 60 days is simply lactose-free; therefore, it is also suitable for people who are intolerant to this type of sugar.

Laboratory tests prove that Montasio cheese shows values of lactose under 0.01 g in 100 g of product, about 10 times less the actual limit as established in national and Community legislation.


People suffering from coeliac disease can savor Montasio cheese in complete peace of mind.

The technology used in the processing does not involve the use of ingredients with gluten.

The website of the Italian Coeliac Disease Association reports how laboratory tests carried out at DISMA (Department of Agrifood Molecular Sciences) of the Faculty of Agriculture-University of Milan-on many Montasio cheese samples found out that these did not contain added gluten detectable by the methods of analysis.