The characteristics of Montasio cheese

Montasio is a cooked, semi-hard cheese made exclusively from cow’s milk produced in the production area.

The paste of Montasio has a characteristic eye formation that is homogeneous over the entire section, with small, regular, shiny eyes on the inside (partridge eye).

In young Montasio the rind is smooth, elastic and compact, light brown in color; the paste is compact white or straw yellow.

As the aging period increases, the rind becomes drier and the paste becomes grainy and crumbly.

Montasio cheeses are identified by the marks of origin, which are placed on the heel of the cheeses by the repetition of the word "Montasio" obliquely.

A second mark, the quality mark, stamped by the Consortium’s commission, identifies the product with more than 100 days that is free from any maturation defect.

The heel bears the date of production and the producer’s tollhouse code.

Montasio, considering its production technique, is a cheese that highlights the characteristics proper to delicate processing that respects the bacterial and microbiological reality of the milk.

The flavors and qualities are therefore those of a cheese with a soft and delicate taste, which does not provoke violent or shocking taste or smell sensations.