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GOOD – A 4-day journey to discover and taste excellences MONTASIO AND ARONIA NEVIO TONEATTO and LUANA LAURENTI explained the curious pairing between a famous product, MONTASIO cheese, and fruits of a very little known plant, ARONIA (chokeberry), so rich in anthocyanins, polyphenols and flavonoids. At 6:30 pm, the about 70 participants enjoyed a tasting […]

Try.. Savor.. Taste.. Sample…. all the flavours of the WEEKEND by Montasio POD

The 27 October, experts of the Consortium for the Protection of the Montasio cheese carried out important tasks… Many tasting opportunities accompanied by our qualified experts. Verona, Milan and Ancona: these are the cities where they were committed in transmitting the values of our Montasio to the wide audience of people interested in refining their […]


Enos Costantini Tempus formadi Brave farmers, organic cows and and an old dairy Mala tempora currunt for cattle farming, and not only in this field (however, we do not talk about politics here). In other words, these days, courage is needed to become a farmer. Mainly to manage a cowshed with a large number of […]

Made in Malga 2018 Montasio POD Events

Made in Malga 2018 Montasio POD Events Fifty Alpine cottages and four-star chefs from Friuli Venezia Giulia: a cross-border project involving Alpine cottages of Friuli and Carinthia aimed at the promotion of local products. This is the theme of the training in which took part-among others-chefs like Antonia Klugmann, Fabrizia Meroi, Ana Roš, Emanuele Scarello […]

Public Support & Funding

To support the Institutional activity of the Consortium for the Promotion of Montasio Cheese public authorities granted the following contributions:  

Caseus Veneti – 2018

A contest promoted by Consortia of PDO cheeses aimed to enhance taste and excellence of the dairy sector of the region and the nearby Veneto. Guided tastings, pizzas with PDO products, market shows, cooking shows with famous emerging chefs and many appointments with territory’s products. You can find the complete program at the following link: […]