Montasio souvenirs: flavors to not forget.

Last day of vacation in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Marika is in chaos, as always happens when you pack your bags or realize you have to leave a place where you have felt at home and at your place.

Clothes, beauty-cases, marked maps of the nature trails visited, tourist guides of what to do, see and visit in the region are already crammed in the trunk of the car. Still, Marika seems to be missing something.

Souvenirs, we didn’t take anything as a souvenir! And yes, you told me to remember it, Marco! –

The husband is at the hotel lobby, about to return the room’s keys.

– But yes, we took them once a place. In San Daniele I got raw ham, in Treviso a bottle of prosecco and in Chiusaforte a selection of Montasio cheeses. Those cheeses whose properties have been praised practically everywhere due to the absence of lactose and the richness of proteins, calcium and vitamins and which is an integral part of the history of the territory and the main ingredient of frico! –

Marika looks at him while, from her memory, some images of the actions performed and the stories told through the taste, smell and sight of Montasio – based recipes emerge to the surface.

– Weird, I stayed at the dairy we visited near Treviso. The one where there were brochures on the nutritional properties and methods of production of the region’s food and wine specialties. We had to take the cheeses we tasted there and then, they are all perishable products … –

Mirco raises an eyebrow.

– Honey, they are all products that travel throughout the country in specially made packages to ensure their quality. When in doubt, however, I put them in the cooler bag that I bought in a supermarket in Udine. The one I put in the corner at the end of the bed. By the way, have you already put it in the car? Sara and Samuel have made a space for it on purpose. –

Silence falls, the bag with the Souvenirs from Montasio. The one with San Daniele, prosecco and the selection of malga cheeses with different maturations, gluten-free, lactose-free and named Samuel’s favorite holiday food was still in the room.

You can hear the dlin of the elevator doors opening. A hotel employee comes out with a bag on his shoulder.

– In room 15 there was this, is it yours?

– Yup! – Mirco and Marika exclaim together.

It is the Montasio souvenir bag. The one that can’t be forget in order to bring home the flavors of a memorable holiday, although with some small unexpected events.