Cheese and literature. The Frenzy of Orlando? The hungry Astolfo!

Astolfo, just out of the harpy hunt, is starving.

“What was the last time have I had a good meal, worthy of the paladin I am?”

“Hello, Astolfo!” says a creature who is waiting for him on the lawn.

“And who would you be?”

The animal introduces itself «I am a Hippogriff! Your taxi for the next adventure! ”

«Let’s not joke. I’m entitled to eat some food and get some rest after each and every mission: please take me to the nearest five-star hotel. ”

“Actually, I’ll take you to a better place!” Exclaims the Hippogriff: there is a friend who wants to meet you to reveal a secret about Orlando. ”

«A despot who pays little! I know all I should know about him. Let’s go eat, which is better. ”

«But you’ve never seen the Earthly Paradise. If you knew how to eat well … ”


The two arrive in a wonderful place, full of restaurants and snack bars. When Astolfo is about to sit down and order his meal, an elderly guy arrives and asks him to take a walk.

“Can’t we talk while we eat?” Astolfo protests.

“There’s no time for that. You’ll eat when this mission is over. ”

“And who would you be now? ”

«I’m Saint John the Evangelist. You must know that your boss is mad and furious. He has actually lost his wisdom. ”

“I had no doubts,” says Astolfo. “So, what do you do? Shall I resign? ”

“No! I’ll take you to the place where all the things lost by men are found. There you will recover Orlando’s precious wisdom and bring it back to him, so the war can end.”

“I hope it’s close because I have a fam …”

“On the moon.”

And the two, at supersonic speed, cross the celestial vault to the moon. Astolfo smells a good scent as they land on the uneven and white surface, soft to the touch and so inviting that he can’t help but peel off a piece and taste it.”

“But it’s … it’s…cheese!”

“The wisdom!” The saint screams:”You should be looking for it!”

But hunger prevails and happy Astolfo devours an entire portion of the moon.

«Fragrant, light, nutritious. Good for paladins of all ages. » An inhabitant of the moon explains as Astolfo feeds on the top of a mound of soft cheese.

«Its name is Montasio. It is particularly suitable for feeding heroes because of its energetic nutrients: proteins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins… and it is naturally lactose-free, so it is digestible and does not hinder the missions. By the way: why are you here? ”

“I’m looking for my boss’s wisdom!” Astolfo answers with his mouth full while sitting on those delicious humpbacks. He finally feels full, invigorated and happy as never before.

Now he can brilliantly carry out his mission!

And we too, if Montasio Dop is on our tables.