Hansel and Gretel and the cheese house in the woods: the fable of nutritional health.

When Hansel and Gretel – the two little brothers from the Grimm’s brother’s fairy tale – get lost in the woods, they are desperate. The stepmother doesn’t want them with her and they have been abandoned by their dad because he was too poor to take care of his family.

Despite the fear, however, the little ones follow the path and, at a certain point, starved and very tired, they reach a small house in the middle of a clearing. They approach to ask for something to eat and that’s when they realize that the little house – and we are talking about the whole house! – is made of soft cheese.

The mailbox, the handle, the door, the windows, the steps in front of the entrance, the jars with flowers placed on the windowsills… everything is to be eaten, everything is delicious! “Wait Hansel, there’s something wrong here.” Gretel says as her brother devours the door jamb. “Shouldn’t this little house be made of marzipan?”

«Come on, why does it matter? The important thing is that it is good to eat and trust me, it is great! This cheese tastes of milk, grassy pastures and good things … ”

“But that’s not right! The story is clear: we didn’t go all this way to be eating cheese. Gretel begins to call loudly. “Someone should be livinging here. I’d like explanations. ”

And all of a sudden, an old woman with a basket of bread in her hand appears from the half-eaten door. “Uuuh… beautiful children, and how hungry they are!” she says, “Come to the house, there is also a salad and …” “No, just a moment.” Gretel stops her brother who is running inside, “this house, by contract, should be made of marzipan and you should be ugly and dangerous: why are you so smiling and pretty?” And the old lady laughs. “You don’t know how boring it is to be bad and ugly, my dear. Sometimes in life you have to change your habits. Marzipan may be tasty but it’s not good for you! Sugar clogs arteries and causes the decay of teeth. This cheese, on the other hand, is healthy and nutritious. It gives real energy, strengthens the bones, protects the teeth, helps the brain to stay awake and does not burden digestion. I have lately become health conscious; I no longer eat marzipan and both children and liver and heart and teeth thank me for that. It completely changed my life: I even go running every morning and I feel great! Furthermore, I often have guests here at Casina del Montasio Dop and I am no longer lonely. So: are you staying for lunch? ” “But … our dad is poor and if we can’t steal your treasure, we won’t be able to go home …” ” This means that I will hire him” says the old lady “so we will produce lots of good cheese for everyone!”


Author: Emanuela Valentini

8 December 2020

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