It is always a good time for a unique pleasure: the taste of Montasio Cheese.

Montasio cheese is the ideal choice if you love starting the day with a continental breakfast. Moreover, on your special occasions, it offers you the chance of enjoying a rich and tasteful brunch. A slice of fresh Montasio with bread recharges you and your beloved ones of pure and delightful energy. You can try also the Montasio mezzano paired with fruits: enchanting!

At the office

when your concentration is decreasing, a break with Montasio Cheese helps you regain vitality. Therefore, we created the easy, vacuum-sealed snack format. Innovative and practical, mums love it for their children’s break at school.

At lunch

After an intense morning at work, now it is time for having lunch! Recover the lost energies quickly and lightweight thanks to Montasio cheese. Add shredded Montasio cheese to your favorite salads: for a unique taste!

For sport

If you put efforts in practicing sports, Montasio cheese is the perfect partner for your meals: it is high in protein and other nutritional substances contributing to a healthy and balanced diet. Before or after your training session, Montasio supplies or helps you restore energies you need to improve the performance.


It is time for an aperitif: are you planning a night out with friends? Relax with taste; Montasio is the perfect companion for the trendiest happy hours. Try shredded Montasio Stravecchio paired with a full-bodied red wine. However, you can start your night out tasting sliced fresh Montasio and a white or sparkling wine.

At dinner

If you decide to go out for dinner, Montasio is there for your palate’s delight in restaurants as well. Undisputed protagonist of the cuisine proposed by the most sophisticated chefs, it comes home with you if you rather prepare your favorite dishes on your own. For example, Montasio Stravecchio is perfect to grate and extraordinarily matches every kind of pasta and sauce. Are you looking for inspiration? Discover our recipes!