Montasio moments: Montasio and its territory

Montasio moments: from the lawn to the table

Montasio cheese: a world on shape

Montasio cheese: a timeless savor

From Chiusaforte, in the province of Udine, you continue crossing the bridge on the Fella River, forward Sella Nevea. From here, follow indications for the Montasio Plateau and Alpine huts. This is the largest area in the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region designated for pasture, and in the period from June to the second half of September it hosts about 250 animals of 40 farmers residing in 25 different municipalities of Friuli.

In Malga Montasio it is possible to have an overview of the whole production chain: from pasture, to milking, cheese processing in the dairy and sale of the products in the food shop.

Is there a guarantee of the origin of Montasio Cheese?
Marking! A fundamental step that ensures the respect of all the characteristics of the relevant product specifications, as well as the protection of a cheese produced in accordance with old traditions of our mountains.

August 15 is almost there, do you know where to go already?
We recommend one of the most enchanting lakes of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, the lake of Cavazzo. Equipped with benches and picnic tables, it offers a wonderful landing stage from which admire sunsets.

Obviously, your menu on the occasion cannot miss Montasio Pdo. Tasty and highly digestible, since it is naturally lactose-free. Paired with fresh fruit, like pears or apples: delicious.

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Sweet ravioli with apples, Montasio and raisins

Pear and Montasio galette with chocolate sauce


Aubergines au gratin with Montasio and tomatoes

Passatelli pasta with mushrooms and herbs

Roasted chicken stuffed with Montasio and capsicum

Rosemary focaccia stuffed with Montasio, prosciutto and spinach

Pea risotto with Montasio and radishes

Sweet potato rosti with Montasio and orange honey

Do you want to take your guests by surprise with an unusual starter?

Montasio cheese is high in VITAMINS and CALCIUM, while turnips are rich in FOLIC ACID.

Look at the recipe by Cesare Gasparri, chef of the cookery school “La Cucina Italiana”.

Any suggestions for a tasty and nourishing second course?
“Montasio cheese medallions with bread crumbs”. A dish rich in proteins, nonetheless highly digestible.

Discover now the recipe by Cesare Gasparri, chef of the cookery school “La Cucina Italiana”.

Cesare Gasparri, chef of the cookery school “La Cucina Italiana” prepares
A dish dedicated to all vegetable lovers, but excellent for LACTOSE intolerant individuals, too. In fact, Montasio aged for more than 60 days is NATURALLY LACTOSE-FREE!
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Stuffed zucchini flowers al Montasio

Risotto Montasio, pears flambé and hazelnuts

Tortelli di Montasio, cream of leek and crisp San Daniele ham

Supplì al Montasio

Savoury corn cannoli al Montasio with guanciale sail

Purple potato gnocchi with Montasio fondue and roasted pioppini

Speck and Montasio bombetta

Montasio flan with cream of pea soup

Montasio seadas with lavander flavoured honey

Frollini al Montasio biscuits with fig soup and fior di latte ice cream

Savoury Montasio and radicchio strudel