Diet and pregnancy: thanks to Montasio Dop, cheese is no longer prohibitive.

Pregnancy is certainly one of the most intense and exciting periods in the life of a woman but also of all the people around her. The health of the unborn child strictly depends on mother’s one and proper nutrition is essential for a correct development of the fetus, a good outcome in childbirth and for the prevention of neonatal diseases. All of this will also affect the growth of the little one for a long time after giving birth.

It is, therefore, necessary to carry on a balanced diet, based on the correct quantities of portions, respecting meal times.

Cheeses, in themselves, are excellent foods for a pregnant woman as they are rich of proteins, minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which are essential for the mother’s bones and the growth of the baby’s one, as well as vitamins, essential for the bone marrow. However, not all cheeses are recommended during pregnancy, because of the possibility that they become a means of contamination.

In fact, aged cheeses are among the most easy to absorb and use. You shouldn’t give up on taste and moments to spend in company in front of a healthy, tasty and nutritious meal, in one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. And what’s better than the Montasio Dop cheese, with its four maturations, its local production, typical of the Alps, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Eastern Veneto, as well as its high nutritional value with a balanced composition. A semi-hard cooked cheese, with a soft characteristic and delicate flavor, balanced, without excesses, which thanks to its high digestibility adapts to the tastes of people of all ages, even for those who are celiac or lactose intolerant.

Summer food: when cheese helps to stay fit

Green light for food rich in nutrients, but-nonetheless-highly digestible, such as Montasio cheese, better if combined with fruits or vegetables.


During summer season, diet experts recommend to prefer food rich in nutrients and highly digestible at the same time, in order to compensate the loss of mineral salts and vitamins due to copious perspiration, possibly without interfering with digestion. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can improve the mental and physical well-being even in the hottest summer days.


First of all, never miss breakfast: if you do not provide energy at the right moment, your body slows down the normal consumption because it has no “fuel”, and when it is supplied with energy it is keen to preserve it, creating body fat, instead of use it. What shall we eat in the morning? An option could be oat flakes or a yoghurt with a fresh fruit. What about a snack? A light and healthy possibility may be a whole-wheat sandwich with 50g of fresh Montasio cheese, this last supplies 192 calories, but 370 g of calcium, 265 mg of phosphorus and 209 mg of vitamin A.

Find out more on the nutrition facts table of Montasio:


Even lunch and dinner would be perfect with fresh ingredients and low-processed foods, as for example whole-wheat pasta (better at lunch), Montasio cheese and vegetables (even three times per week), eggs and vegetables (up to twice per week), legumes and cereals (at least 2 times per week), fish and vegetables (up to three times per week). Especially during summer, vegetable should be eaten raw; so to preserve precious nutrients. Moreover, avoiding hot foods helps regulating body temperature.


If you want to stay fit avoid packaged foods rich in simple sugars, salt, preserving agents, which increase the fat mass with respect to the fat-free mass favoring salt and water imbalance that give rise to problems of water retention. Therefore, it is essential reading carefully the food labels and purchasing fresh foods mainly.


Physical exercise in combination with a healthy diet-as for example a late afternoon bike ride-reinforces the muscle mass and puts endorphins into circulation for a general sensation of well-being. You can find many advices for living well and following a correct diet in our Facebook page: