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Montasio souvenirs: flavors to not forget.

Last day of vacation in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Marika is in chaos, as always happens when you pack your bags or realize you have to leave a place where you have felt at home and at your place. Clothes, beauty-cases, marked maps of the nature trails visited, tourist guides of what to do, see […]

Five curiosities about cheese

How good is cheese? A lot. How many enigmas surround such an ancient delicacy? An infinite number of possibilities. That’s why the Montasio Dop editorial team read them all – or nearly all- and gathered and picked for you the prettiest, most exclusive, and most amusing ones that will help us learn more about the […]

Say cheese! The real meaning of the famous sentence.

We’re all smiling in the pictures. This, however, has not always been the case. Until the mid-nineteenth century, it was not common practice to smile for a photograph. According to historical records, the teeth first appeared in 1953. Instead, the first smiles appeared in the mid-1940s. What is the cause of this change? There’ s […]

The beauty of food, Montasio: a work of art.

Let’s pretend we are in a museum. We’ve just walked down bright corridors lined with neoclassical sculptures. We have seen ancient ceramics, display cases completely covered with jewels. On the walls, ancient canvases depicting portraits of women, bucolic landscapes and still lives. We are literally breathing art. We are also surrounded by the genius of […]

Montasio traditions. flavors at high altitude

Marika is well aware that vacation means outdoor activities for her family and husband. One of the reasons she married him was because of this. Since she was a child, she had admired her father’s image of an adventurous man, capable of overcoming adversity with a cheerful demeanor, perhaps for the journey through the Montasio’s […]

Montasio and innovation: the two sides of manufacturing.

Marika and her family had decided to stop in Treviso for an aperitif during the aperitif time. The recommended places to visit in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region’s tourist brochure looked amazing, and the recommended shops looked like boutiques. Sara was overjoyed. Following the excursion to the Malghe del Montasio, a visit to Treviso seemed […]

4 things you want to know about Montasio cheese.

Montasio Pdo is a cooked curd, semi-hard mature cheese, with regular small eyes overall, this is well known, and nonetheless, some peculiarities of this Italian food excellence remain mostly untold. First, the Montasio cheese is named after the plateau of the same name located in the Friulian Mountains. Therefore, it is widely believed that the […]