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4 things you want to know about Montasio cheese.

Montasio Pdo is a cooked curd, semi-hard mature cheese, with regular small eyes overall, this is well known, and nonetheless, some peculiarities of this Italian food excellence remain mostly untold. First, the Montasio cheese is named after the plateau of the same name located in the Friulian Mountains. Therefore, it is widely believed that the […]

5 unique places to eat Montasio cheese: the ranking.

Precious moments stolen from the everyday routine to have a break and relax mind and soul enjoying a small piece of Montasio Pdo. An excellence of Italy worth tasting in a unique scenery. Here follows the ranking of the weirdest “Montasio Moments”, to try at least once in life.   In a tree house. In […]

The autumn recipe with Montasio of Kitchen Trouble, food blogger

Eleonora Rubaltelli, alias Kitchen Trouble, combined the most typical autumn savors, like mushrooms and pumpkins for a dish that revolves around delicacy of Montasio Pdo cheese. This is a first course recalling mountain aromas and providing important nutrients such as proteins of cheese and the potassium of pumpkin. Let us discover together Eleonora’s recipe.   […]

40 grams of Montasio per day: prescription for healthy heart.

Usual consumers of cheese have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases up to 18%, heart attacks up to 14% and stroke up to 10%. These are the findings of a study-research of the University of Soochow, in China, based on the monitoring of about 200 thousand people over a period of 10 years.   Many […]

“Pairings with Montasio Pdo: suggestions of the chef Cesare Gasparri”

Cesare Gasparri (https://scuola.lacucinaitaliana.it/i-nostri-chef/cesare-gasparri) comes from Pesaro and after several experiences in the field of catering services, among others those in collaboration with prominent figures such as Gualtiero Marchesi and Luciano Tona, he moved to Milan to work for “La Cucina italiana” (The Italian Kitchen), where culinary tradition meets innovation and creativity. Today, the chef proposes […]

Fit over 50s, foods for a beautiful and healthy body.

Metabolism changes over the years and body needs a particular attention on food intake. The need of nutrients such as calcium and vitamins increases, while the daily energy requirements decrease.   People over 50s need to think carefully about what they eat. The golden rule refers to a varied and balanced diet. You should eat […]

Montasio PDO cheese “Product of the Mountain” (PDM) and “Italian Red Pied Only” (PRI, Pezzata Rossa Italiana): “back to future” in the dairy tradition.

Product and process innovations may contribute to reinforce the relationship between an Italian excellence like Montasio PDO, territory and traditions.   In the past, the focus of dairy production was the selection of cattle breeds with a high productive specialization and industrialization of transformation processes. Today, the product’s origin and protection of the environment and […]

September appointments with Montasio Pdo

Stops in the major Italian cities to spread knowledge, delicacy and authenticity of Pdo from Friuli.   The tour of tastings and aperitifs conceived by the Consortium for the protection of Montasio Pdo aims at giving value to quality and authenticity of this excellence outside the region. A journey that covers many cities in the […]

August and September at Malga Montasio

Vanni Micolini, member of the Livestock Owners’ Association of Friuli Venezia Giulia, narrates the events taking place at the Malga Montasio (Montasio Alpine hut) regarding genuine tastes and old traditions. Where do the Malga Montasio find place? On the Montasio Plateau. From Chiusaforte, in the province of Udine, you continue crossing the bridge on the […]